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Glasgow Maintenance Company

(310) 410-8500

11222 S La Cienega Blvd. Suite 380 Inglewood, CA 90304

Apartment Repairs in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides full-range, high quality building maintenance for property owners and professional property managers in los Angeles, CA. As a licensed and bonded business, GMC earns the trust of its clients maintaining and repairing properties all over the Los Angeles Area.

How can I check on the status of a work order?
You can either call our office in Los Angeles, CA at (310) 410-8500 or email us at any time during the business hours.

How do I report an after-hours maintenance emergency?
For after hours maintenance emergency please call (323) 644-4535 and we will gladly return your call.

Where and what types of services are provided by Glasgow Maintenance Company?
Glasgow provides a full-range of maintenance services in the greater Los Angeles area: Inglewood, Los Angeles, Hawthorne, Culver City and cities nearby. Click here for a complete list of maintenance services.

What is considered an emergency/routine call?
We consider an emergency to be when there is risk of significant damage to the building or when there is a habitability issue. A plumbing leak or main drain clog is an example of a significant damage an emergency. A lack of water would be an example of a habitability issue. Any problems that do not fall into the significant damage or habitability problems are considered routine.

Who do I contact when a job is incomplete?
If you are not satisfied with the work, or you think it is incomplete you should contact one of our dispatchers in the office in Los Angeles, CA, and they will help solve the problem.

How do I order keys?
Keys can be obtained by calling our office located in Los Angeles  and speaking with one of our helpful dispatchers. View our maintenance company directory.

How do I obtain an estimate?
If you would like an estimate for a job, please call our at experienced estimator at (310) 410-8500. You may also request an estimate for a job by using our online request form and filling in the appropriate information. Our helpful staff will contact you when they receive the electronic request.

How do I register a complaint?
If you are dissatisfied with a job that GMC performed please email a complaint to the following email address: Our staff will contact you to help solve the problem as soon as the receive the electronic complaint.


Emergency Number 24 Hours

Glasgow Maintenance Company in Los Angeles offers a 24-hour maintenance emergency hotline. Our staff will promptly tend to your needs. (After hour rates may apply)

(323) 644-4535